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Home Articles Could Your Sofa And Carpets Be Making You Sick?

Could Your Sofa And Carpets Be Making You Sick?

Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Manapalan Did you know that much of the grime you find on the carpets and upholstery comes from dander and the natural oils on skin and hair? If you have a pet, your pet’s hair is also a major contributor. Pets and humans give off dander (dead skin cells) that dust mites live on, and this is actually what the dust in our homes is made of.

With pets, it’s better to brush them outside when you need to brush them. Also, brush them daily so all loose substances stay outside instead of getting knocked off their fur in your home. But even without pets, your own dander and oil can grime up the upholstery and carpeting in the house. The problem with grime is that it often has other things in it that make people sick.

Grime & Bacteria On The Upholstery

Grime on a sofa most often comes from oil on people’s skin. Just go to a hospital and look at the walls behind each waiting room chair. You will see darkened stains where people rest their heads. This is oil coming from their hair. But that oil has all types of things in it too.

Oil in hair and on skin traps particles that come in contact with it from the air and through direct touching. This is why we wash our hair and skin regularly as well as our sheets and pillowcases to remove the dirt and oil. As the particles combine with the oil molecules, it turns into a greasy grime. That gets on your upholstery every time you sit on the couch or a recliner.

Some of the particles that wind up on surfaces and in the air are microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. Mold and mildew spores are also everywhere, just waiting to be activated by the right moist, dark conditions. These more serious particles also come into contact with your body and your pet’s bodies as well as the upholstery and carpeting in the house. Ever hear of MRSA? This infectious superbug even invades beach sand.

Effective Upholstery Cleaning

If you spray on an upholstery cleaner, vacuum it off, and expect your sofa and recliners to be clean, think again. Equally, just shampooing the carpets won’t kill the bacteria and viruses. Steam and antimicrobial solutions are the only way to kill microorganisms. This is what professional upholstery and carpet cleaning companies do.

Homes with pets who have accidents on the upholstery and carpet definitely need a pet treatment to kill the bacteria found in pet urine. Deodorizing and sanitizing will solve all types of problems including mold and mildew growth.

While some recommend cleaning the upholstery and carpet once per year, it really depends on your household. You can always have it cleaned more regularly if you need it. Listen to your gut, not anyone else. And you can always get extra help if you have pets. All Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning has the right cleaning equipment to get the job done!